La Peska and Frascati in solidarity with La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

More than fifty La Cruz families have benefited thanks to the solidarity and effort of the La Peska and Frascati staff each week.

Donaciones a La Cruz

Around the world small and huge communities have been affected by the SARS VOC 2 health emergency. And in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle it has been no exception. This small community in Nayarit, Mexico. Who lives from fishing and tourism faces great challenges today. One, the mitigation of the disease, taking care of the weakest one, being responsible, and abiding by all sanitary measures. And two, facing the economic crisis and the loss of employment.

The people of La Cruz have been characterized as men and women generous and. And today is when we have been able to verify that this virtue will make us move forward. We have witnessed great gestures of cooperation and help, each one from his trench. As in the case of the restaurants of La Peska® and Frascati®, which, with the coordination of the church, have delivered prepared meals each week to around 50 families in La Cruz.

We are going through a difficult situation, but with love and the will to help each other, we will succeed.